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Founded in 2009, DiSCOVER is a three-month summer enrichment program organized by youth for youth. Designed to help Chinese Canadians learn more about their roots, DiSCOVER includes a series of weekend cultural workshops, Mandarin classes, and volunteer opportunities for youth to grow and self-explore. This all culminates in a two-week subsidized trip to China, where participants will get to engage with students from Peking University, and experience firsthand landmark sites including the Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors, and Lord Mengchang Mausoleum.

Program goals:

  • Develop and nurture young leaders
  • Instill values of curiosity and philanthropy
  • Deepen understanding of Chinese culture and interest in Chinese roots

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A three-month program from May to July 2017, DiSCOVER offers an immersive and holistic cultural
experience for youth between the ages of 19 and 30. In the months leading up to the trip to China, participants have the opportunity to learn Mandarin, participate in workshops including calligraphy and martial arts, as well as organize philanthropic projects.

Youth are then encouraged to apply what they’ve learned abroad. What sets DiSCOVER apart from other travel programs is the myriad of opportunities we offer beyond just sightseeing. While in China, participants will get a chance to dine and converse with local government officials, connect with local university students, volunteer at a local senior home - amazing hands-on opportunities that create lasting memories.

Cost $ 2100 CAD*

This price includes:

  • Three-month youth development program and Mandarin lessons
  • Leadership retreat
  • Round-trip airfare from Toronto to China
  • Hotel accommodations**
  • In-land transportation
  • Most meals

Program Schedule***

May 2017 - late July 2017
(6 hours per week)
Orientation sessions, a leadership retreat, speaker series, Mandarin course, workshops, and volunteering events.
July 24, 2017 - August 7, 2017 Two-week, all-inclusive trip to China, visiting Beijing, Xi’an, Shandong, and Shanghai with activities including university exchanges, cultural workshops, volunteering events, and sightseeing.
August 2017 Program closes with wrap-up dinner.

*Subject to change. Excludes additional minor incidental fees.
**All hotels in China are 4 or 5-star hotels based on local ratings.
***Subject to change.

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DiSCOVER operates as part of the Youth Group program of the Mon Sheong Foundation.

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For all inquiries, please contact:

David Fan
Youth Group and Event Coordinator, Volunteer Services
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Email: discover@monsheong.org
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