Written by Karen Chan


The Discover Trip to China has finally come to an end. It is a bitter sweet moment for everyone, for they can finally get to see their families, but yet it’s time to say goodbye to friends. After a long night at Flair, everyone had a relaxing morning by having the opportunity to sleep in without any wake up calls. Some of us, including me, had woken up early to do last minute shopping at Uniqlo for friends and family. By noon, we all had checked out of our hotel, and presented many thanks and gifts to our awesome tour guides, Cherry and Charlie. I would like to especially thank Cherry for taking care of us on the trip since day one. She has been our guide, translator, and our friend. It was sad to see tears in Cherry’s eyes as we waved goodbyes to her in the bus.


Reflecting back to the trip, the Discover group has been through a lot of struggles and joy together. From suffering through the scorching heat and catching a sore throat, to feeling of accomplishment from climbing Mount Tai and bonding together with music at KTV. What I really like about this group of youth is that you never suffer alone. We always stick together as a group, from crossing the road with crazy drivers, going to public washrooms, to trying scorpions together! Even at times when you wanted to go wander off by yourself, you had to make sure to have a cell phone with you and telling the leader where you will be going, which makes it quite a safe environment to be in.


Although the Trip to China has come to an end, the Discover group has still many events to look forward to in Canada, such as the Woodbine beach social and the appreciation dinner. I feel very fortunate that I am able to participate in Discover 2013 Trip to China, for I get to make new friends and have unforgettable memories of China.


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