Day One: We’re Here!

By: Tak Po Chu

We finally landed! Beijing, the expanding metropolis that is China’s capital, rooted in the northeast region of China, is one of the country’s six ancient cities. Throughout the years, the city has seen tremendous growth and significant revolutions. It is also the home of some of China’s most recognized monuments and architectural masterpieces.

Group Photo

Reaching our destination, you could see all of the buildings, new and old, towering over the city. The smog from the years of pollution covers the city like a shroud. The whole appearance is eerie, giving the capital a sense of mystery, reflecting the history that resonates from the city. The humidity and heat of the city is incomparable to the weather in Toronto. While much more consistent than the sporadic weather we face in Canada, it is approximately 30 degrees throughout the year. As soon as you got off the plane and out of the airport, you can feel the difference in temperature and the humidity hit.

Blog - Day 1-2

After walking around for a bit, many of us immediately started to sweat! Being our first day, our excitement was diminished as we were all super exhausted or delirious from the long flight coming over from Toronto. When we first got out of the airport and into Beijing, we immediately noticed that there were very few people out and about given that it was a Saturday! However later on in evening, more and more people started appearing, which we thought was surprising. Beijing was a great start for the DiSCOVER 2015 trip to China, as it is not only the capital of China but also the home of many significant landmarks. The trip has just begun and already we have seen so much. Exploring the area around our hotel we saw the different building designs in Beijing as well as visited the Chinatown market from across the street. While we will be here for a few more days, there is no telling what fantastic things we will see or experience during our time here.

Blog - Day 1-3

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