Day 2: Beijing Tour!

By: Kevin Loi

Day 2 of our stay in Beijing, we traversed through the heat and humidity of Chinese weather to explore the grand scenery of Tiananmen Square. This morning had some really cool weather; I was under the impression that it was going to stay that way for the remainder of the day. To my unpleasant surprise, it became even hotter.


Tiananmen Square as we arrived was a sight to behold. Able to hold a million people, the area held a mausoleum of the state’s enemies as well as the monument of heroes. Made in the 15th century, the square was used regularly for celebrations. It was a great experience seeing one of China’s heritage monuments. I wish to return someday to see it again someday.

By: Alex Lam


Shortly after the Tiananmen Square, the group entered what was known as the Forbidden City. As the sun blazed down, we were treated to a fascinating lecture on the history behind the palace. Each section we visited was filled with historically significant items that showed little signs of wear despite its age. The further we moved from the other palace to inner palace, the more crowded it became. In particular, the crowds were concentrated in the regions of the inner palace. Likely due to its unique architecture and importance to the Chinese emperors, people were drawn to the buildings where the emperors once worked and slept. One interesting fact of the emperor’s bedroom was that its small size was to balance the Ying and yang and promote good Feng shui. When the sun reached its peak, we were thoroughly drenched in our own sweat. Though it was uncomfortable, it did not reduce the awe of the palace garden. It was like a piece of nature transplanted into the concrete jungle of Beijing. Ranging from well-maintained flowers, to ancient trees, it was a refreshing sight.

By: Yan Si


Tsinghua University was first established in 1911 as the Tsinghua College in order to prepare students in China to study in the United States. The school was highly regarded for its engineering program. Overtime the school’s name changed several times and is now known as the Tsinghua University. Presently, Tsinghua University is a multidisciplinary university offering degrees ranging from engineering, sciences, liberal arts, management and law.


The university has over 25,900 students and is ranked as one of the top two universities in mainland China to attend.
Its campus is well known in China as one of the most scenic campuses with its Chinese traditional styled buildings, Western and Russian styled buildings. The university was built on the original site of Qing Dynasty’s royal gardens.

During our visit to Tsinghua University, we were first led on a guided tour of the university. It was a neat experience to have been able to meet the students of Tsinghua University. We got a chance to learn about their lives in China and share with them about our lives in Canada.


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