Day 7: Part One – Mon Sheong Mausoleum

By: Kevin Wong


Today, we embarked on a pilgrimage to visit the Mausoleum of Mon Sheong in Xuecheng. Our bus pulled over to the shoulder of a highway toll both, greeted by the Xuecheng government representatives. We were then escorted to a farmland where the Mausoleum was located.



The maintenance group explained to us how we were one family, as the founder of the Mon Sheong Foundation has funded to erect this Mausoleum. We learned that Mon Sheong was a man who generously shared his home to his community for anyone in need of food and shelter back in 300 BC.

IMG_4490He became very well known throughout the town and gained recognition for his love and care for his neighbours. The founder of Mon Sheong Foundation named the long term care centre after this loving man, in consistent with the foundation’s mission to care for the elderly, and provide programs and services in response to the needs of our communities.




The Mon Sheong Foundation President Doris Chan paid respects by performing traditional Chinese customs at the tomb of Mon Sheong. We concluded the visit with a group photo with the government officials and maintenance group. This was a day in remembrance of the history and mission the Mon Sheong Foundation philosophy was built upon.


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