Day 8: Mount Tai

By Galen Chan


As Canadians, we are spoiled with rich and diverse natural scenery. When I began this trip to China, I was expecting to see incredible manmade structures, but I did not expect to be blown away by its natural beauty because I thought I would be used to it. That all changed when we went to climb Mount Tai.

Image8     Image5

Our trip started with a bus ride through the winding valley underneath the mountain, and immediately we were treated to the sheer scale of Mount Tai – the mountain surrounded our ride from every side! When we reached the end of the bus route, we took a cable car to go halfway up the mountain (it takes over 6000 steps to hike the entire mountain) where we began our hike to the summit.

Image2     Image6

Along the way, there were wonderful temples, the most famous of which is the Bixia Temple, for people to pray to the mountain’s spirits along the way for various things. When we finally reached the summit, we were treated to a breathtaking sight of all the people and the mountain below us.Image7

Image1 The entire experience on Mount Tai was absolutely incredible – until you are actually there climbing the mountain, visiting the temples and taking in the sights, you don’t truly appreciate the beauty of it all. We didn’t get to explore the entire mountain this time, so hopefully I can come back again in the future to enjoy it all again.

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