Day 12: HK Legislative Council Complex

By: Derek Chung

Good morning, Hong Kong!


Starting off our first full day in Hong Kong was our lovely tour at the Legislative Council (LegCo). Despite the Amber alert raining in the morning, we all were able to make it relatively dry and presentable. First, we got a tour of the Legislature Complex; learning how Hong Kong legislature works but also the history of Hong Kong politics from its beginnings as a British colony.


Image5Stunningly sleek and modern, the facility is up-to-date on its accessibility for the specially impaired. For example, the floor is lined with a raised pattern for the visually impaired. The escalators also turn off when not in use and motion sensors in the ground detect movement and will turn on as individuals approach it. In the main lobby at the top of the escalators is a beautiful art piece comprised of 2D human shapes and using colourful lighting to display the colourful nature of Hong Kongers, both present and past.

Image7After the tour, we had a brilliant exchange with SFH Dr. Ko Wing-Man and Anthony who are members of the Health board of Hong Kong. There, we were able to learn about Hong Kong health policy and learn what Hong Kong was like during the SARS epidemic. Both informative and interesting, we left LegCo with a piece of Hong Kong in our minds and our hearts.

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