Day 13: Hong Kong University

By: Brennan Wong


On our last full day in China, we visited Hong Kong University (HKU), one of the most famous universities in Asia. Having a history that stretches back over 100 years, HKU boasts an open academic environment with a diverse student population.

1When we arrived at the university, Olive, an HKU student and member of the Green Gown Guides, a student group that offers tours free-of-charge to visitors and prospective students, greeted us. As he took us around the campus, he talked about all the different customs and cultures of the students at HKU. There’s even a tradition for the students to have dim sum at 2AM!

While the buildings and the various landmarks across the campus amazed us, one thing that truly stood out was the “Pillar of Shame”. During the Tiananmen Square student protests in 1989, it is believed that 108 students were killed. The 108 faces on the pillar represent each person that was killed in the protests.

2As we approached the end of our tour, we came across a residential hall with these two Chinese words emblazoned on the door. The literal translation of the sign is “over three”, and is a good luck charm so that the university students within the residential hall will get over a 3.0 on their GPA scores. If only we could have signs like those on our university residential hall doors!

We finally got to our exchange with a couple of the university students, where we compared student life in Hong Kong and Canada. After taking a couple photos, we said our good byes and made our way back to the hotel. Off to explore Hong Kong!

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