Get To Know: Our Co-Chairs!


Introducing our amazing, hard working co-chairs, Andrea Cheung and Andrew Banh! After they graduated from university in 2011, they both went through the DiSCOVER program that same year. Andrea was introduced to DiSCOVER by a friend, and Andrew was attending Chinese School at our parent organization, Mon Sheong Foundation. We wanted to discover (get it?) more about our co-chairs, so we grilled them with the hard hitting questions.

Who is your hero? And why?

AC: Definitely my mom. She always pushes me to learn more, try new things, and take risks. If we’re talking outside of family, I’d say whoever invented matcha soft serve ice cream and bubble tea.

AB: My hero is… I have two actually. My heroes are my parents. They worked hard to raise me up, which is quite daunting and at times….unbearable. My parents taught me to plan for the future, always find the opportunity to work hard and to never give up. They are a true role model to me.

Who is your favourite cartoon/ anime character?

AC: Sadness from Inside Out. She is hilarious, and probably the opposite of me, but her character is great.

AB: Goku for his pure confidence and his abilities to overcome any obstacle.


Who is your favourite Pokemon?

AC: Pikachu! He’s cute, friendly and loyal. Fun fact: I’ve considered ordering one of those Pikachu mascot costumes online for Halloween.

AB: Lugia. Come on. He is clearly the best and strongest Pokemon. My answer is also based on the fact that I haven’t been following the tv show since 2003.

What was the last thing you Googled?

AC: “Rhomboid muscle tweak.” I recently started hitting the gym again and injured what feels like a muscle in my shoulder blade, so I wanted to see how I should be treating it.

AB: Bjórgarðurinn happy hour

If you had only 24 hours left on planet Earth, how would you spend it?

AC: What a loaded question. I’d say be on the nicest beach with the finest sand with the coolest people in the world (family, friends) and puppies, eating the best food with some serious alcohol.

AB: This is a great question. It really can get you thinking. I can give you my censored response. I would eat the most delicious food that I can get with my closest friends and family. There must be bubble tea though. Can’t forget about that.


To discover more about them, check out their social media accounts below!

twitterbird @andreakycheung

insta_circle andrewbanh & andreakycheung

download midnightnoms

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