Get To Know: Marketing Team

Marketing Team (from left): Shirley Ng, Angela Choo, Wendy Luu, Rosana Zeng, Sampson Liu

Are you impressed with our amazing graphic designs? Find our social media posts entertaining? Admiring our website? Here is the team responsible and their interesting answers to our questions.

Who is your hero and why?

SN: My Ma. She taught me love and forgiveness. ❤

AC: That’s an easy one.  My mom.  Who else would it be?

WL: Hedwig because no one can beat her loyalty and companionship!

RZ: Agent Carter because she kicks ass!

SL: Spiderman, humble unpopular skinny dude turned great superhero.

Who is your favourite cartoon/ anime character?

SN: Sailor Moon – fighting evil by moonlight.

AC: Dory

WL: The Last Air Bender

RZ: Mulan!

SL: Goku


Who is your favourite Pokemon?

SN: Snorlax, because he’s the perfect snuggle buddy!

AC: Jigglypuff

WL: Cyndaquil

RZ: Jiggly Puff, ’cause it’s fun to say!

SL: Charizard

What was the last thing you Googled?

SN: Fantasy basketball team not showing up when signed in.

AC: “HTML jump to section” because I was working on the DiSCOVER website

WL: What does rubbing a boiled egg stuffed with silver coin, wrapped in cloth on my back, do for my body?

RZ: What is the difference between fawn pugs and black pugs?

SL: Land transfer tax

If you had only 24 hours left on planet Earth, how would you spend it?

SN: Picnic and stargazing at somewhere peaceful.

AC: If I had only 24 hours left on planet Earth, I would spend my time appreciating the different pockets of Toronto through visiting coffee shops.  My day would end by being ambushed by puppies while hanging out with friends and family.

WL: Eat everythinggggg !!

RZ: I would eat all of my favourite foods.

SL: Find a super car, drive fast and never look back.


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