DiSCOVER 2017 Leadership Retreat

On the weekend of May 5th-May 7th, the DiSCOVER committee and participants spent the weekend at Blue Mountain for the leadership retreat!


On the first night, after everyone had a delicious dinner cooked by our DiSCOVER committee leaders, the rest of the night was filled with fun ice breaker games to get to know each other better. One of the games we played  was the “Dream Job” game. Participants and leaders are asked to introduce themselves by saying their “NAME”  and ending it off with “THE XXXXX” For example: RYAN, the singer. Then the next participant would have to introduce all the previous participants and his/her job plus introduce themselves. This was a fun way to remember all the new faces and names !


The next day, it had rained all night which made it unsuitable for hiking. It was also cold and raining throughout the day but that didn’t stop everyone from having fun outside!



A great team building exercise was the blindfold relay! Teams go through an obstacle course relay style. At the first section of the race, the first member is blind folded while carrying a ping pong ball and the second member has to call out directions to get them to the second section. After 10 spins, the baton is passed onto the third member who is also blind folded. With the forth member calling out directions, the third member has to pop a balloon and jump over a skipping rope before heading to the finish line. The team with the fastest time is the winner!


After playing games, everyone had some free time before dinner. We separated into groups and explored the village.



Great food and even better company!


The next morning, everyone split into 2 teams and played more challenging games that tests your teamwork. A fun game that tests how well you know your team is the “bowl game”. In a bowl there are sheets with words that can only be things, no people or places! This game consisted of 3 rounds; the first round is describing the word without saying what it is, the second round is charades, and the last round is one pose. The team with the most points wins!


By the end of the weekend, everyone had an incredible time! The rain was definitely a blessing in disguise!



Photo 2017-05-21, 12 44 25 AM

Photo 2017-05-07, 11 22 57 AM
The Leaders From Top Left: Angela,Shirley,Andrea,Gen,Rebecca From Bottom Left: David, Sam, Galen
Photo 2017-05-21, 12 44 46 AM
The Participants From Top Left: Peggy,Peter,Andrew,Stephanie From Middle Left: Steven,Ben,Jason,Angel,Sindy From Bottom Left: Wai,Darren,Wendy,Angelina,Simon


Thanks to our amazing programming team, retreat leaders and participants for such a wonderful weekend! #DiSCOVER2017

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