On Saturday, June 17, 2017, our DiSCOVER 2017 participants got a chance to learn about Tai Chi, a Chinese martial art, at the Mon Sheong Scarborough Community and Volunteer Services Centre.


When we think of Tai Chi, most of us probably picture a group of seniors at a park or community centre in the early morning, moving to some traditional Chinese music. While that may be true, Tai Chi is much more than that. We were very fortunate to have David Cheung, a Tai Chi instructor for over 10 years, come in and teach us. Our participants learned about the meaning behind the term Tai Chi, the history of its various styles, and how it has changed over the years.

We learned about understanding and performing tai chi on different levels, from knowing the meaning of the movements, to being able to express those meanings and manipulate your energy. He also brought up the importance of mathematics and physics in Tai Chi!

David taught us the importance of discipline, both as a component of Tai Chi, and as a life skill. He talked about the health benefits of Tai Chi, and how it can be performed by almost everyone. Finally, he gave us a demonstration of the skills and forms he has perfected over his many years of practice.

DiSCOVER Tai Chi 2

This was just one of the many different cultural workshops our participants have been able to learn from in our DiSCOVER 2017 programming. Thanks again to David for coming in and teaching us so much about this aspect of Chinese culture!

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