DiSCOVER: Dumplings


The most delicious outing for participants during DiSCOVER 2017 has to be the dumplings workshop hosted by Gobuli in Richmond Hill. Originally from Tianjin, China, the Goubuli Restaurant Group has been making their specialty dumplings for over 150 years.


Each Goubuli dumpling is made in the shape of a chrysanthemum crown with 18 folds. In 1997, their dumplings were named as one of 396 “Famous Chinese Snacks” by the China Cuisine Association and in 2011, the Gobuli dumpling was named as part of China’s National Intangible Cultural Heritage.


After watching several live demonstrations of how the folds were made, participants got a chance to make their own dumplings. Although we tried our best and made several dumplings each, we probably needed to practice more before we are able to produce a perfect dumpling.


While we waited for our dumplings to cook, we were able to have a brief question and answer period with the chefs; we asked about what goes into their dumplings and how the dough is made.


We stuffed ourselves with the scrumptious results of our workshop. If you ever find yourself hungry in the area, don’t think twice and head over to Gobuli to try their signature dishes!


Thank you Gobuli for giving us the opportunity to learn how to make your delightful dumplings!

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