DiSCOVER: Tea Culture


In the presence of a Chinese Tea Grandmaster, our DiSCOVER participants recently had the privilege to learn the principles and foundations of Chinese tea culture.  Led by Tea Master Connie Fong, the founder of Chinese Tea Culture Canada, Connie who has performed tea ceremonies for the likes of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other international diplomats gave a hands-on introduction to the intricacies of tea ceremony to our DiSCOVER participants.



Starting with an introduction on the history of Chinese tea which spans back no less than a thousand years, Connie introduced to DiSCOVER’s participants the major categories of tea, their defining features and significance in tea ceremonies. Contrasting against the teas of different cultures, our DiSCOVER participants formed a deeper appreciation for not only tea but the preparation and thoughtful ritual performed in a Chinese tea ceremony as well.


Our workshop culminated in a final hands on preparation of tea by DiSCOVER participants in which they became familiar with the different tools involved in a tea ceremony.  Connie graciously brought in several sets of tea ceremony tools and explained the significance, origin and application of each.  Our participants then practiced using each tool and experienced the art of being a Chinese Tea Master.


Our participants will undoubtedly bring their newfound appreciation for tea and further explore tea’s rich history and cultural significance in their upcoming trip to China!  A special thanks again to Connie Fong for sharing her passion and wisdom on teas and we hope DiSCOVER participants will get the opportunity to perform a tea ceremony for her in the near future.

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