DiSCOVER: Calligraphy

Far Left: Dr. Baoxing Zhang

Our DiSCOVER participants had the opportunity to learn about the history and different styles of calligraphy from Dr. Baoxing Zhang, a science and art instructor. In 1997, he set up his own institute: Eminence Learning Center, where he teaches art at Mohawk College, Sheridan College, the Oakville Art Association, the Mississauga Art Association, University of Toronto Continuing Education, and more.



Dr. Baoxing Zhang taught the participants the different types of brushes (i.e., goat hair, bear hair, mix), ink (i.e., from stone vs. readily made) and various forms of paper (i.e., rice paper, stone, parchment). He also demonstrated different styles and strokes of calligraphy, explaining the different eras it came from and how it began. The participants went around the room and shared their family name for Dr. Zhang to write in calligraphy.


Dr. Zhang also showed the participants that ink can be used to create beautiful art pieces. The participants enjoyed seeing the rice paper come to life with vivid art and calligraphy, and the opportunity to practice using the brush and ink to create their own art.

Thank you Dr. Zhang for taking the time to teach us!

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