DiSCOVER: In-House Event


Two pillars of the Mon Sheong Foundation’s core philosophy are caring for the elderly and nurturing the young. June 24th saw the synergetic effects of the two when both our DISCOVER participants and residents of Mon Sheong’s Scarborough Long Term Care Centre were treated with the special opportunity to partake in an engaging in-house event.


The DiSCOVER participants prepared three delightful acts for the seniors consisting of energetic rounds of charade, guessing musical classics from back in the day, and even a self-choreographed fan dance! The program started with an interactive game of charades, which saw the Chinese zodiac come to life on stage. Residents had a great time guessing which animals the participants were acting as prizes were given out. The fun continued with song guessing and sing-alongs to iconic tunes such as 月亮代表我的心 (The Moon Represents My heart) and 上海灘 (The Bund). Who knew there was so much talent amongst our LTC residents? The event wrapped up on a high note with the much anticipated fan dance by our participants; it was definitely a fun afternoon for the young and the young at heart.


The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance, with many wishing it wasn’t over so soon! The dedication and compassion of the participants, along with the heartfelt appreciation of the seniors, made the in-house event a truly memorable experience. A big round of applause to our DiSCOVER 2017 participants!


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