DiSCOVER: China Day 1

Journey begins, we all met up at the check-in area. Anxiously we wait to start the exciting journey, which we have prepared for over three months. Slowly and smoothly, we all successfully checked in and then took a big group photo. Shortly after, families and friends said their goodbyes and we all headed toward the gates. Before boarding the airplane, most of us grabbed a quick bite. One last meal before we officially head to China.


While lining up to board the plane, it was fortunate for someone to let our whole group skip the line! Some of us slept, some watched movies and other socialized during the flight. The plane ride was fantastic with no delay and minimum turbulence. As we finally landed from the long flight, we all wanted to stretch and wash up. We had to take a train to pick up our luggage after we cleared customs since the Beijing airport was so massive.


The tour guide then met up with us and at that point the trip felt real because we finally made it to China. The tour guide’s name was Michael and he took us to the hotel where we dropped off the luggage in our rooms. Later, we met up with everyone in the lobby to have dinner. It was amazing because we had the opportunity to try Beijing’s famous Peking duck. The duck was full of flavour and it was a great experience for all of us. And that concluded our day.

One thought on “DiSCOVER: China Day 1

  1. So glad that you guys have arrived safely with high spirits. Simon will be joining you hopefully today. Have a great trip and best wishes from all the Board directors!

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