DiSCOVER: Peking University and Lam Woo Eye Hospital


We arrived at Peking University, but we experienced some issues entering due to the large number of participants in our group. While waiting for access, we were welcomed by a few university students led by Winnie, a graduate of Peking University who told us about her education there and her journey towards becoming a full-fledged lawyer.

Once we finally got on campus, we walked towards one of the facility buildings, where we were introduced to Guo Li, a law professor at the university. Professor Guo prepared a presentation to explain the university’s history, culture, and how law is practiced in China. We learned that Peking University was one of the main schools to attend if you are striving to become a lawyer. Given the political history of China, Peking University was also very influential to the development of the country.

After his presentation, our DiSCOVER group had the opportunity to tell the university students more about Canada. Our goal was to give them an idea about what life was like where we’re from, as we were in China learning about their homeland. Afterward, Winnie and her friends brought us on a pleasant walk through the university campus towards the student canteen where we ate lunch. The campus was very spacious and vast with many cultural and historical buildings native to the university. For example, they have a ‘rhinoceros/unicorn’ statue that symbolizes law and justice, similar to the American ‘lady of justice and balance.’


Once we finished lunch, we made our way to the coach bus to head off to the Lam Woo hospital.


Author: Simon Lam



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