DiSCOVER: Great Wall of China

Today we checked out of our Beijing hotel and began our journey towards Qufu.
We started off our day by visiting the Great Wall of China, one of our itinerary’s highlights. The Great Wall is one of the most important national landmarks of China so most of us were pretty excited about finally being able to see one of the great wonders of the world.

As we were driving towards the Great Wall on the bus, I shared some interesting historical facts I found about the wall. Particularly, one point I presented was about performance artists Marina Abromovic and Ulay created a piece in 1988, when they ended their relationship and marked it by performing an art piece titled “The Lovers: The Great Wall Walk”. They started to walk from different ends of the Great Wall in order to meet in the middle after 90 days of walking to say good-bye to each other. You can check out the video here.

We walked the Great Wall freely and were able to truly experience this great wonder. Something we didn’t expect was that the steps of the wall were quite steep. When we finished walking on the Great Wall, it was time to take the high speed train to Qufu for our next adventure. We also had a chance to try out some local fast foods such as KFC Fried chicken wrapped in Beijing Peking duck sauce! Delicious!!

Can’t wait for what is to come next!

And, check it, Great Wall yo.







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